• Guide - 4000 MKD / 65 EUR / 88 per day, excluding expenses (transport, food, etc.) which should be covered for the guide additionally

Rentals 1,2:

Custom & private tours:

  • There is an additional fee for designing a custom tour. Please note that this fee is variable and dependable to the duration and location(s) of the tour.

Additional services provided on guided excursions and tours:

  • Photography of the excursion (delivered 24h after the excursion on a disk/on-line transfer) - 4700 MKD / 76 EUR / 96 US$ per day
    Prints can be delivered at an extra price depending on size.
  • Videography of the excursion, without editing the material (delivered 24h after the excursion on a disk/on-line transfer) - 9300 MKD / 150 EUR / 186 US$ per day
  • Videography of the excursion, with editing the material (delivered 1 week after the excursion on a disk/on-line transfer) - 18500 MKD / 300 EUR / 370 US$ per ride

 - - -

 1 - A deposit of 6150 MKD / 100 EUR / 110 US$ is required, made in cash or bank card.
 2 - Possible discount for longer period.

 In case of reservation cancellation, applies the tourist agency's policy.

 Method of payment: cash, bank card, or bank transfer and always via tourist agency. No direct payments to the guide possible.
 * the prices presented here include Value Added Tax.
 ** the prices presented in Euros / US Dollars are only for reference, the exact price is the one in Macedonian Denars. Check the current exchange rate for more precise price.


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