The Roman Aqueduct, though most probably not Roman, is believed to be built in the 6th century with the aim to transport fresh water from the foot of Skopska Crna Gora Mountain to Skopje. It was a part of a 10 km water supply system, though the aqueduct is long 386 meters. Over the course of time it has been repaired a number of times, since it was in use until the early 20th century.

Roman Aqueduct


 This is a short and easy tour that aims only to show one historic landmark of Skopje. The road leading to the Roman Aqueduct leads trough houses and industrial facilities, not having any landscape qualities. However it does show a different, almost hidden side of Skopje. First we get to pass trough the city park and enjoy some nature. Then, trough the inner streets of an industrial area we get close to the Aqueduct. We take a dirt road to get to the Aqueduct, going around the Macedonian Army barracks. When we get to the Aqueduct we go around it and also enjoy a view towards Skopska Crna Gora Mountain. Then we take a different road to go back. We pass along a Roma neighbourhood and get to the Bit Pazar marketplace. Passing trough a rush of people selling all kinds of stuff we get to the Old Bazaar. Then trough the Old Bazaar we get to the City Square.

 The Roman Aqueduct is believed by one group of scholars, though with not full certainty, to be Byzantine, and dating from the sixth century. Other scholars believe that it was built by the Ottoman Empire. Either way, the Aqueduct has been repaired very often and has been in use until the early 20 century. The Aqueduct is 386 m long, though it is believed that is was a part of a 10 km water supply network running from the Skopska Crna Gora Mountain. Today it is a magnificent historic construction that stands in the open field, over the river Serava.


2 hours total

1 hour ride


all year round

on request




meeting point


you define


61 m ascent to destination

23 m descent to destination


280 m.a.s.l. highest point

252 m.a.s.l. lowest point


11,5 km round trip

mainly paved road


no minimum

group size


  • Frequent traffic is present along all roads.
  • It is recommended as an ad hock bicycle ride at any season.

Options, duration may increase and extra expenses may occur:

  • Option for a meal in a restaurant after the excursion.

Roman Aqueduct

 The recommended time for departure is 10h or 16h in summer and 10h or 13h in winter.
 This tour is on request only, by booking one day in advance.
 We offer this tour as a self-guided tour as well.

 Package: guide, hardtail bicycle and helmet
 Options and customization: transport, meals, full suspension bicycle, increase of difficulty, and longer duration.
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