Bicycle tours

  Bicycle tours are bicycle rides that can last more than one day, and they include one or more overnights.

 We offer a number of bicycle tours with variable lengths, suitable for people that want a bicycle adventure or a full vacation on a bicycle in Macedonia.We offer two types of bicycle tours that mainly vary in the style of the ride:

 Bicycle adventures - bicycle tours that take a fairly adventurous and difficult roads, going across mountain passes and keeping far away from urban areas; it is low in comfort but rich in experiences.

 Bicycle touring vacations - long bicycle tours that offer the possibility to explore Macedonia's nature, culture, food and people.

 Bicycle base camps - special kind of bicycle touring offers, where you are comfortably accommodated in one place, while you can enjoy the whole surrounding by having a number of one day, short adventures and tourist excursions. These offers are very comfortable because you may bring a lot of luggage - necessities for your stay and you may choose the type of accommodation in accordance to your needs and budget.



 Ride up the central mountain massif in Macedonia on unpaved roads, among forests and mountain peaks. Eat fresh fish from a stream, and local specialities that will make you forget about the diet. See sheep herds wondering through the mountain pastures. If this is your idea of a bicycle adventure, then come and experience it.

duration 6 days
schedule on request 
difficulty extremely difficult

4 to 8 people



 Skopje City is the capital of Macedonia, and home to about half of the population. It is a fairly big city, very busy and a bit chaotic. But it is also very close to a number of mountains, accumulation lakes, cultural sites and just wonderful places. This tour is all about experiencing Skopje and a small part of Macedonia, like a local bicycle rider. To see, feel, taste and ride like a Skopje local. And without any doubt, Skopje has plenty to offer. The beauty is that you can customize this tour to all your wishes.

duration custom timing
schedule on request 
difficulty custom difficulty

no minimum