Listed here are several general options for each bicycle ride. Know that there is a section in the description about the options that are offered in each bicycle ride. However, if you do have a special request, we will be happy to comply if we can.



 For people that are afraid to share the road with vehicles, or prefer to skip the urban part of the road, there is an option to use additional modes of transport to reach points of the excursion wherefrom there is no expected traffic. This will cost additionally in accordance to distance and the type of transport that will be organized.



 If it is not included in the package, it is your responsibility to satisfy your need. But know that for each bicycle excursion there is an option to include food and/or drinks. This option is organized upon request, and will cost additionally to the prices for bicycle rental and/or guidance.

 In some cases there are restaurants or shops along the way where we can make breaks and you can take food there. This is noted for each bicycle tour and excursion.

 People with dietary requirements are welcome. Whether vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, religious, or any kind of diets one may have, we can organize it. We will only regret if you can not taste some of the wonderful traditional meals we have arranged for you to try.


 Custom package

 If you prefer some different kind of package for a bicycle tour or an excursion, you are welcome to write to us about this. We are happy to work with you in providing you a package that suits your needs best, whether that be an all inclusive or a self guided package.



 Insurance is not included in any package offered. However, it is our duty, and the duty of the tourist agency to offer to you an optional insurance for the duration of the bicycle excursion or the bicycle tour.