Bojan Rantaša

Rante Mostly known as Rante, I am a forestry engineer, and Master of science in rural development that simply can not get off his bicycle. I also run a bicycle touring website - to4ak (a romanised version for точак - meaning bicycle in Macedonian language), founded in 2008. Constantly on bicycle tours, I have travelled most of The Balkans, and a bit of Europe. I am also the mastermind behind and I make sure that all things run smoothly.

 My favourite passion, right after bicycles, is photography and videography. The photos you encounter on this website are mine. It is good to mention that my professionally related interests are protected areas, sacred natural sites, old trees, places (what kind of meanings people associate to a place) and the sociological aspects of the people in rural areas. For example, my MSc thesis at Wageningen University was related to the places and place making in National Park Galicica. Currently I continue to be active in rural development by working on projects related to bicycle tourism and bicycle routes in Macedonia and The Balkans.

 The experience I bring is my forever long engagement with the Scout Movement of Macedonia as a scout leader, scout master and even a scout commissioner. And not to neglect all the local bicycle tours I had organized, travelling through Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Greece, Kosovo, Belgium and The Netherlands with friends.

 I am part of this group because I would love to share the experiences I have had riding a bicycle throughout Macedonia, and to earn some extra money for my long distance tours, while doing the thing I love the most – riding a bicycle. The tours I guide are focused on the rural, the nature and the people. It is not my intention to provide precise information and facts about everything, but to give you an understanding of the places we pass, and the meanings that those places have for the local people with an anthropological approach.

ATTA Touristlink Certification Badge

 Licenses: Tourist Guide No. 478; First Aid.

 Languages: English, Serbian, Slovenian, Macedonian.

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 Aleksandra Gerčakova

Sandra Widely known as Sandra, I studied management which isn't directly connected with cycling, but it does not matter, cause I cycle everyday. I use my dear bike as a means of transport on a daily basis. I am also a passionate mountaineer and spend a lot of time in the mountains. I'm generally a huge lover of nature and I want to be more outside than inside. I try to use my time to take some bicycle tours for now only in Macedonia. Especially want cycling through rural areas and villages in Macedonia because they are too quiet and cut off from everyday urban life in cities. That subtle distance and tranquility makes them seem so special and attractive for anyone who wants to unite with nature.

 I am part of this team because I would like to share the beauty of my country to foreign tourists that will spread good and positive word of Macedonia worldwide. Well come on let it spin pedals throughout Macedonia.


 Licenses: Tourist Guide, Mountain Guide, First Aid.

 Languages: English, Macedonian.

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 Slobodan Trajkovski

Bobi My name is Slobodan, friends call me Bobi. I started cycling in 2008. I was 28 then. It is not a lot of time, but the mileage gives me the right to say that I am well experienced in this field. Cycling changed my life for better. That is the experience I would like to share with people on the bike. I find cycling interesting because it lets you cover longer distances, visit places you have never heard of, meet new people and listen their story and off course there is the adrenalin. I am a history teacher, occupation which allows me to have a lot of spear time which I invest in me to collect new experiences. I am president of the Organization for Promotion of Cycling VELOEVROPA-Skopje, master mind and organizer of the two-days cycling event Mariovo tour and leader of the Macedonian Tour de France Expedition. The experience I have gathered on the road makes me one of the most experienced bicycle guides in my country. In this short period of time, I have already visited half of the villages and all the cities in Macedonia, I have been cycling in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Greece and Bulgaria.

 I became part if the team because of my skills and experience which I feel that is time to share and transfer to other people. Macedonia is beautiful country which deserves to be visited.


 Licenses: Tourist Guide, First Aid.

 Languages: Macedonian, English, Italian

 Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.